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Sustained reform in the regulation of infrastructure services has given rise to extensive use of economic analysis in guiding the terms for access to such infrastructure, as well as the complex arrangements that often underpin wholesale energy, bulk water and other commodity markets.

Our experts have been at the forefront of virtually every significant regulatory development for more than two decades. We have played substantial roles in shaping the regulatory regimes governing communications, energy, land, sea and air transport, and water services infrastructure in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Our clients over that period have spanned the full spectrum of interest groups, ranging from governments, regulators, service providers, trade associations and user groups through to prospective investors. The objectivity and results orientation of our experts’ analysis is consistently held in high regard by clients seeking counsel on infrastructure regulatory issues.

On network access and pricing matters, our experts have been intimately involved in both the initial design and subsequent reforms to the foundational regulatory frameworks applying to energy network infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand. They also have wide experience of variations to those arrangements applying to airports, communications, grain terminals, ports, rail, road, and water and sewerage services.

Our people also have deep expertise in the design of markets to enable the efficient trading of wholesale electricity, upstream gas and bulk water. Our ability to integrate deep sectoral insights with an understanding of what’s necessary to ensure effective competition between different wholesale suppliers is critical to the value we bring in addressing complex questions of market design and the reform of trading rules.

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