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Explosive growth in the data being collected in the course of everyday economic activity is opening up boundless opportunities to bring insights for guiding business and policy decisions.

Our experts have long experience in helping organisations make the most of their data. We use sophisticated analytical tools to inform policy and business decisions across industries as diverse as aviation, energy, water, manufacturing, transport and public health.

We apply our deep knowledge of analytics methodologies, with special emphasis on econometric, data visualisation, and data mining text analytics to provide:

+ outsourced data management and analytics support using internal business data
+ strategic advice to guide the development of organisations’ internal analytics and data management strategies
+ data analysis and statistical support
+ big data engineering support
+ expert evidence and litigation support in statistical matters

Our analytics experts take pride in their ability to communicate data insights clearly and succinctly, in forms suitable to support decision making.

Problem solving is in our DNA. We are excited by the prospect of developing solutions for new challenges. For many clients, we are the conduit between data sources and their challenges – distilling insights on what is important and ensuring clients have access to the most up-to-date information. Our experience spans bespoke solutions as well as automated (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual) reporting.

Journey Analytics

Motivated by a desire to solve one of Australia’s most demanding infrastructure challenges, we founded our Journey Analytics program, with its focus on movement related analytics.

Our team of data scientists, analytics experts and application developers combine data on travel and movement with information on consumer transactions and demographics to provide insights on road and public transport performance, geospatial markets and people movement patterns.

We offer both bespoke analysis and solutions as well as access to our Road Performance Dashboard – an easy-to-use tool that helps organisations make timely and informed decisions in relation to the performance of road networks.

The dashboard provides users with information on historic speed and reliability across the entire road network. It provides insights on congestion and speed hot spots, patterns of road use across the day, and trends over time. Optional features allow organisations to monitor spending patterns within their local area, and to understand the origin and destination of visitors, mode of transport and purpose of trip.

With our dashboard, clients can develop metrics to target safety and congestion hotspots, and monitor the economic performance of an area over time, and quantify the impact of investments on a specific road or sector. The ability to make timely, informed evidence-based decisions is now available, without the need to rely on external information or advisors.

For more information on our Journey Analytics program and Road Performance Dashboard, visit

Data sources

Together with our data partners, HERE Technologies and Data Replublic, we provide access to road traffic, movement and bank transactional data, for use in informing business and government decisions. We assist clients to frame data requests to deliver specific insights, as well as undertaking additional analytical assistance using partner data.

HERE Technologies

HERE, the open location platform company, enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. By making sense of the world through the lens of location, HERE empowers its customers to achieve better outcomes – from helping a city manage its infrastructure or an enterprise to optimise its assets, through to guiding drivers to their destination safely.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, and with development sites that span Chicago, Berlin and Mumbai, HERE offers global capability. From data scientists and software developers to product engineers and mapping specialists, HERE brings together a range of experts to build a better future for location technology.

Through partnerships with world-leading automakers, HERE powers four out of five in-car navigation systems in North America, Europe and Australasia. HERE also captures the world in three dimensions, readying for an autonomous future.

HERE provides traffic and road network data including road speed, roughness and origin/destination information. This allows traffic movements to be analysed to support government and business planning, and investment prioritisation, as well as allowing trends in road network performance to be monitored over time.

Data Republic

Data Republic was founded to empower the liquidity of data by delivering technology that offers best-practice security, privacy compliance and governance controls for organisations looking to exchange data safely.

Data Republic believes that when data can flow securely between individuals, organisations and governments, wiser decisions can be made and better outcomes delivered for both business and society as a whole.

Founding Data Republic in 2014, Paul McCarney and Danny Gilligan set out to change the way organisations exchange data – to make it safer, more secure and more scalable. Today, Data Republic’s technology and ‘private by design’ ecosystem reduces the operational risks surrounding data exchange and connects organisations to the datasets and data products needed to solve their most pressing business problems.

Data Republic provides HoustonKemp with banking and property related data.