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Kelson Sadlier

Kelson Sadlier, Analyst

Passionate about applying the tools of economics to understand the behaviour of individuals and firms.

Kelson joined our team at the beginning of 2024 after successfully completing a master’s degree in economics at the University of Otago. In addition to economics, Kelson has a robust background in mathematics and computer science. His primary areas of interest lie in economic modelling, regulation, and competition policy.

For his thesis, Kelson delved into the field of Optimal Bayesian experimental design. Specifically, he conducted modelling and simulations, utilising large-scale numerical simulations to explore the model’s efficacy in eliciting preferences from both individuals and entire populations. Kelson’s thesis is characterised by its highly technical nature leveraging New Zealand’s supercomputing facilities, NeSI, to support his research.

Kelson possesses significant experience in the cleaning, structuring, and modelling of innovative datasets. In a former Data Scientist role, he handled biometric and health data obtained from mobile devices and mental health surveys with the aim to construct a predictive model for individuals’ mental health states by leveraging this diverse range of data sources.

Career path

  • 2018

    Intern, Deloitte Consulting

  • 2019

    Student exchange, Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • 2020

    Bachelor of Commerce, University of Otago

  • 2020

    Analyst, Deloitte Consulting

  • 2021

    Diploma for Graduates endorsed in Economics, University of Otago

  • 2021

    Summer Research Scholar, Department of Economics, University of Otago

  • 2022

    Data Scientist, Sahha

  • 2022-2023

    Master of Economics, University of Otago

  • 2024

    Joined HoustonKemp