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Martin Chow

Martin Chow, Senior Economist

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Significant experience in developing clear and practical solutions to complex policy and regulatory questions in infrastructure sectors.

Martin has over 15 years’ experience in the application of economics to infrastructure regulation and policy questions. His sector experience includes electricity networks, electricity wholesale and retail markets, bulk water, rail and heavy vehicles.

Martin has a particular interest and experience in developing fit-for-purpose cost benefit analyses to evaluate policy and reform initiatives. He has evaluated the benefits of heavy vehicle road reform, road reform more broadly, and developed a cost benefit analysis framework to measure the benefits and costs of road maintenance expenditure. Martin has also provided advice to Infrastructure Australia on how to quantify the economic benefits of infrastructure investment for remote communities.

Martin is also proficient in pricing and revenue matters in different infrastructure sectors. He has developed cost to serve, building block models for different utility businesses and associated pricing schedules. Martin has designed heavy vehicle distance charges that could replace the existing fuel-based charges and estimated the financial impact this would have on heavy vehicle operators, geographical regions and various industry sectors.

Martin has also been involved in assessing reform or policy initiatives using economic first principles. This process involves assessing whether proposed changes would promote economic efficiency, ie, the promotion of efficient investment in, operation and use of the infrastructure service.

Career path

  • 2007

    Economics Tutor, University of Sydney

  • 2007

    Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics (First Class Honours), University of Sydney

  • 2008

    Consultant, Meyricks and Associates

  • 2009 – 2011

    Consultant, GHD

  • 2010 – 2011

    Secondment to the COAG Road Reform Plan

  • 2011 – 2014

    Consultant, NERA Economic Consulting

  • 2014

    Joined HoustonKemp