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Nick Twort

Nick Twort, Economist

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Expertise in economics and mathematics and a passion for solving complex problems facing markets, businesses and governments.

Nick’s work focuses on applying economic principles to solve competition and regulatory issues. Nick combines his mathematical expertise with his knowledge of economic issues and analytical skills to advise clients on a range of quantitative and qualitative issues.

Nick has experience in analysing the operation of Australia’s airports with regard to competitive constraints and regulatory approaches. He has advised clients on a number of competition matters in myriad industries, such as car parking, advertising and health.

In analytics, Nick has significant experience in structured queries to answer business questions and draw insights. For example, he recently assisted a client with evaluating a new data asset, requiring him to adopt an agile approach to solve business questions easily and in a clear, concise and reproducible manner.

Nick has knowledge and experience in specifying, applying and analysing econometric models and undertaking quantitative analysis using a variety of programming languages and tools for statistical analysis.

Nick has a keen interest in digital platforms and multi-sided markets, with a focus on whether and how competition law and economics needs to be re-thought to deal with these complex issues.

Career path

  • 2014

    Summer Research Scholar, Mathematics Department, University of Auckland

  • 2015 – 2017

    Mathematics Tutor, University of Auckland

  • 2016

    Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics, Bachelor of Science majoring in Mathematics and Logic and Computation, University of Auckland

  • 2016 – 2017

    Insights Analyst, Briscoe Group

  • 2017

    Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Mathematics, University of Auckland

  • 2018

    Joined HoustonKemp