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Simon Wheatley

Simon Wheatley, Special Adviser

Simon has over ten years of experience in applying economic analysis to complex problems in utilities regulation and finance.

Simon’s area of expertise centres on how assets are priced and on the cost of capital and its role in determining the prices that regulated utilities should set. Simon has provided advice to companies on how their costs of debt and equity should be determined and on the benefits and costs of alternative regulatory control mechanisms. Dr Wheatley also has experience in funds management.

Simon has worked as an expert adviser on finance matters for the past ten years. Simon is a former Professor of Finance at the University of Melbourne, and has also taught at the Universities of British Columbia, Chicago, New South Wales and Washington. His research has been widely published, including in the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics and the Journal of Monetary Economics. Simon has also refereed papers for every major finance journal.

Simon has a PhD in Finance from the University of Rochester, a Master’s degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University and an Honours degree in Economics from Aberdeen University.