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HoustonKemp at the Roads, Tolling and Technology conference 2022

Elaine Luc presented at the Roads, Tolling and Technology conference (organised by the ITS Australia) in Melbourne on 27 April 2022 on the implications and changes of traffic performance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Elaine presented insights into how road usage changed during the pandemic and what lessons can be learned for the future of road usage in Melbourne.

In particular, Elaine gave a deep dive into whether measures of road performance (speed, speeding and congestion) have changed across major metropolitan areas and key freight corridors in Melbourne. Some of her key findings include that:


These findings are results of a deep-dive into the HERE traffic speed data provided by HERE Technologies, which is a leading global navigation system mapping company in the development of open location platform technologies. HERE traffic speed data is built on a database of over one trillion GPS data points, and are available across all roads in 57 countries, including the entirety of Australia.

For a complete set of findings presented by Elaine at the conference download her slide deck here.

For more information on the conference visit Roads, Tolls and Technology.

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