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Our Covid-19 arrangements are all in place

In the face of the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, our entire team has now successfully transitioned to ‘at home’ working.

The deployment of first rate technology to support all our capabilities has always been a priority, but is an investment for which we have been especially thankful as our working arrangements have needed to adapt. The arrangements we have in place mean we can continue to provide a business-as-usual service, irrespective of how or when restrictions on individual movement may develop. Our favourite new experience is the delights of ‘Teams’, including for our regular, firm-wide meetings (pictured).

Although addressing the health crisis must remain the policy priority (healthy economies depend on healthy people), we anticipate the consequences of the economic disruption taking place in so many markets will occupy expert minds for a long time to come. As these challenges increasingly present, we look forward to assisting clients over the coming months and years.

Most importantly, please stay safe and healthy in the period ahead.

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