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Economic analysis is a powerful tool for assisting well-informed, evidence-based public policy decisions, and policy makers are increasingly turning to external advisors with established sectoral expertise to assist with complex, high stakes decisions.

Our experts have a strong, public policy grounding, and substantial experience in policy analysis and design through the delivery of broad ranging advice to governments throughout Australia and the region.

Our public policy expertise spans numerous sectors of the economy, including communications, carbon abatement, energy – in all its forms and both its upstream and infrastructure functions – grains, heavy vehicles, insurance, rail and road transport, and ports. In these areas, our experts have performed analyses spanning the identification of policy options, institutional and governance arrangements to support sectoral reform, implementation and transitional arrangements, cost benefit analysis, and policy impact assessments.

Our people are highly regarded for their rigorous, analytical approach to policy development, and for the robustness of their advice in informing high stakes, public policy decision-making.

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