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HoustonKemp advises on declaration in telecommunications markets

Luke Wainscoat and Zoe Odgers have prepared a report for Pivotel on the likely competitive effects of the declaration of a mobile terminating access service (MTAS) for short message services (SMS). This report was submitted to the ACCC’s public inquiry into the declaration of various telecommunications services.

Our report focussed on application-to-person (A2P) SMS services, which is the transmission of a message from a software application to a subscriber on a mobile network. It is used by small, medium and large businesses that communicate with consumers, staff members or stakeholders via SMS to provide information such as appointment or reservation reminders, delivery notifications, welfare checks, two factor authentication, password resets and marketing.

We found that competition is likely to be stronger in the wholesale and retail markets for A2P SMS in a future with declaration, relative to a future without declaration, for the reasons detailed in our report.

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